about  daydar                                                        

daydar  comes from the names David and Arthur.

daydar  lives on Tamborine Mountain in South East Queensland

Australia where he has lived from early adolescence. Initial influences

were the eclectic sounds from 78rpm records his father played when

he was very young falling to sleep in a bed adjacent to the verandah 

radiogram and also the theatre lighting of a puppet show at Avalon in

Sydney where he spent his early childhood.

He didn't spend much time at primary school and this set the conditions

of a life lived somewhat on the periphery of the normal and

recommended course of living most people experience.

Later, his work introduced 3d modeling and with it, 'shaders'.

In this he found that light had a similarity to sound. Both sound and light

require the control of frequency and texture. The use of synthesizers and

the like had long been an interest to his fundamental interest in sound

creation. Bringing sound and image together seemed a natural development.

Despite the fact that both sound and visual cultures are huge areas to pursue.

Since the 20th century  introduction of film making, image and sounds

have had a major effect on the world.

So, sounds with images, and help from a sometimes friend, the computer,

has resulted in this work from  daydar.